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Business Development / Lead Generation Specialist

We are looking for a seasoned Business Development / Lead Generation Specialist at our cutting-edge In silico, AI & ML solutions company InSilicoMinds, specializing in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector. The candidate will play a crucial role in driving business growth by strategically leveraging advanced technologies.

Business Development / Lead Generation Specialist

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead Generation Expertise: Utilize in-depth industry knowledge, with a focus on In silico, AI & ML solutions, to generate and nurture leads through various marketing channels such as cold calling, email marketing, social media, and other innovative approaches.
  • CRM Management: Employ your organizational skills to systematically update and maintain lead statuses within our CRM software, ensuring a streamlined and efficient lead management process.
  • Engagement in Industry Events: Actively participate in webinars, in-person events, conferences, and proactively network with industry peers and the target audience to identify and capitalize on sales opportunities arising from our specialized In silico, AI & ML solutions.
  • Client Relationship Building: Cultivate and strengthen relationships with prospective clients by showcasing our advanced technology offerings and understanding their specific needs in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors.

Required Skills: 

  • Industry Expertise: Possess 5-8 years of proven experience in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors, demonstrating an understanding of the nuances of In silico, AI & ML applications.
  • B2B Sales Acumen: Showcase a successful track record in B2B sales, emphasizing the ability to navigate complex sales processes and provide tailored solutions in the realm of advanced technologies.
  • Communication Excellence: Exhibit outstanding communication and presentation skills, effectively articulating the value proposition of our In silico, AI & ML solutions to potential clients.
  • Networking Prowess: Demonstrate strong networking skills, enabling you to foster meaningful connections within the industry and identify opportunities for collaboration and business development.
  • Negotiation Skills: Possess effective negotiation skills to secure deals that align with both client needs and our organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Hubspot Proficiency: Prior experience with Hubspot is preferred, showcasing your ability to leverage advanced tools for efficient lead management.
  • Educational Background: Any Graduate/Postgraduate qualification is preferred, with a keen interest in the dynamic fields of In silico, AI & ML applications.

By incorporating your expertise in B2B sales, industry knowledge, and proficiency in In silico, AI & ML solutions, you will contribute significantly to our mission of delivering cutting-edge technology to pharmaceutical and life sciences companies.

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